Former Maeda Family Residence(Wakan) Tea Room Waiting Area

Address 4-3-55 Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Store hours 9 am-4:30pm (Japanese-style building until 4pm)
[Closed days / closed days]
Every Monday, but if Monday is a holiday, the next day. (Western-style building is closed on Tuesdays)
December 29th to January 3rd for the year-end and New Year holidays (December 28th to January 4th for the Japanese-style building)

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Tea Room Waiting Area

Important Cultural Property (Structure) Date of designation: August 7, 2013

This pavilion, which follows the path to the tea room, served as a separate waiting area for guests during tea ceremonies. The front of the pavilion features a bench for four guests and the back has an old-style toilet (secchin). The overall design of the pavilion allows guests to relax as they prepare to take part in the tea ceremony. The wooden structure features a copper plated roof, pillars made from Japanese cedar logs, and a ceiling designed to allow guests to see the underside of the roof. Both the interior and exterior walls are covered with white plaster. Once the tea ceremony is ready and the host calls the guests, they enter the tea room by crawling through a low, narrow doorway (nijiriguchi). This style of entrance reflects the belief that everyone is equal in the tea room and is associated with the Japanese custom of bowing when greeting others. Please watch your head when you enter the nijiriguchi.