Address 1-12-12 Chuocho, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-0001, Tokyo 2F
Phone 03-3794-9881

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Cub's commitment

“LOL” is the character you see when you go up the small spiral staircase. Literally, laughter and the sound of tempura are echoing throughout the store. Using carefully selected seasonal ingredients and the combination of special oils and techniques cultivated in a long-established store in Ginza, the garments worn by tempura are extremely light, condensing the flavor of the ingredients, and finishing with a light touch.
Not only can you enjoy the taste and skill of Ginza's long-established store here, but you can discover new ways to enjoy tempura that were not likely to be captured by fixed concepts.


8 minutes walk from Tokyu Toyoko Line Gakugei University Station East Exit