MIZAWA Hatsuko Haka (Grave of MIZAWA Hatsuko)

Address 3-1-6 Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

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Misawa Hatsuko is the concubine of the three-generation Sendai clan main date Tsunamune, and the mother of the fourth-generation Sendai clan Lord Date Tsunamura. It is said that the main character of "Sendaihagi" which is the theme of "Date Riot" in Joruri and kabuki, and the model of Masaoka. Hatsuko was deeply devoted to the fourth and V of the Shokaku-ji Temple. It is said that the house was donated to the temple, and it was diverted to Kyakuden, Kuri, etc. after her death. The temple was built in 1934 with a model of the onoebaicho of a famous actor, the sixth generation Onoebaiko pupil, and a statue of Misawa Hatsuko, which is more than three meters high.