Meguro Gajoen Hyakudan Kaidan (Building Complex with Hundred Steps of Meguro Gajoen)(Hotel Gajoen Tokyo)

Address 1-8-1 Shimomeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

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TThe Hyakudan staircase is a unique building connected by a straight 99-stage indoor staircase, with a single-story one-storey building and three two-story buildings risers on a sloping ground of 16 meters in height, which is the origin of the name.
The name of the room is different depending on the interior decoration, there are seven rooms, such as a room with the name of the painter who drew the wall and the ceiling, and the room vase from wood carving.
Meguro Gajoen opened a restaurant serving authentic Beijing cuisine and Japan food in Showa 6.
Meguro Gajoen was a place for people to enjoy the Japanese restaurant, which was a place only for a limited person, and ornate the building by Shoko, gold and silver lacquer foil, Japanese painting, etc.
The Meguro River renovation work and the Meguro Gajoen redevelopment plan have made most buildings demolished in 1988, but the Hyakudan staircase was preserved in its entirety.