AOKI Kon'yo no Haka (Grave of AOKI Kon'yo)

Address 3-5 Shimomeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

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Konyo Aoki is a Confucianism and Rangaku in the mid-Edo period.
His name was Atsushi, and his alias was called Bunzo.
Togai Ito, Confucianism of Kyoto, served the shogunate.
After the famine of the Kyoho which attacked the provinces in the west from the Kansai region in 1732, "Bansyoko" was authored, the planting was ordered from Satsuma, it was distributed to various places, the cultivation method was taught, and sweet potatoes (sweet potato) spread to kanto yen was created.
Growing up in high breeding capacity and thin land, sweet potatoes, which are easy to grow even for beginners, came to be cultivated in the whole country as a famine measure, and Konyo was called a sweet potato teacher from the people. On October 28, every year, the "Sweet Potato Festival" will be held to commemorate illustrious achievements of Konyo.